Hem Produkter Vinterdäck Personbilar Blizzak LM35

Blizzak LM35

The Blizzak LM-35 targets high-powered cars up to V speed rating. It offers motorists a class-leading driving experience with secure winter performance and motorway handling at high speed in wet and dry.

Precision Response

Bridgestone’s unique Blizzak lamellen technology offers superb stability and balanced performance on wet and dry surfaces, on snow and ice, ensuring you meet the challenges of winter head on. The pattern design features 4 wide grooves for fast drainage from the contact patch and effective braking and acceleration, 3D-shaped block edges to increase resistance to hydroplaning, and a longitudinal cast groove on the shoulder blocks for maximizing cornering stability.

  • New washboard sipe technology maintains block stability for optimal handling performance
  • 3-Dimensional block shape design for precision control and resistance to aquaplaning
  • Stiff shoulder blocks for superb dry and wet weather handling
  • Advanced polymer top compound ensuring excellent grip in all conditions

Bridgestone has also made the new Blizzak LM-35 more environment-friendly and economical, compared to the Blizzak LM-25 it replaces. By reducing rolling resistance by up to 16% through weight loss resulting from the optimization of the carcass shape and belt package, fuel consumption has been cut by up to 2.5% and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 4.5 g/km. The LM-35 also reduces pass-by noise by more than 1dB and in-car noise by 2dB.